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Website Launching

We are excited to launch our official News Website today Monday


June 2020


‘Creating a Peaceful & Developed Society Through the Media’

Our Foundation

RM-RON https://refugeeandmigrationmedia.org was founded in September 2018 by a group of exiled refugees and host Ugandan journalists led by Ms. Gloria Laker Aciro – Adiiki, an award-winning journalist and a former war and peace reporter on the northern Uganda LRA conflict in partnership with Moise Mbulula, Ruth Atim, Ms. Hadia Hassan, Judith Atim, Clovis Mafuta, Willy Chowoo and SamuelTshombe.

First Project

Our first project; Refugees Online News (RON) https://refugeeonlinews.wordpress.com/?s=onis an online platform for news about refugees and migrants.


Our Goal is to ‘prevent media induced violence’ by using peace journalism styles of reporting Focused on covering all issues regarding refugees, asylum seekers and migration within Uganda, East Africa and The Great Lakes region in a way that offers a counternarrative to the traditionally negative, victimizing reporting usually seen.

Core Concept

RM-RON was founded on the concept of Peace and Development Innovation Journalism styles of reporting, as a result RM-RON is also building capacity of refugees and citizen journalists in Uganda

Expanding our Goals

  • Through this forum, we will also bring out efforts of the different stakeholders in bettering the lives of the refugees, the positive lifestyle of refugees rather than onlyfocusing on their sufferings.
  • Through RM-RON, we hope to engage host communities, refugees and those in the diaspora to dialogue on peace and stability while here as refugees, and in their countries of origin.
  • Through RM-RON, we shall also report the work ofpeacemakers and humanitarianagencies.
  • Through RM-RON, refugees will trace and reconnect with lost relatives. We pledge to work closely with stakeholders such as the Government of Uganda, civil society organizations, Humanitarian agencies supporting and working with refugees.
  • Though RM-RON, we will organize refugees and peace journalism trainings, strengthening collaboration and better reporting of refugee’s situations without compromising the principles of good journalism.

All useful information

The languages we use are English, French and Kiswahili

EMAIL your articles, short videos, audios or pictures to: refugeeonlinenews@gmail.com

Twitter: @OnlineRefugee.

Facebook: Uganda-Refugee-Online-News-RON

Our mailingaddress: P.o Box 23973 Kampala, Uganda:

Call and WhatsApp+256-772946313, +256-781784889 and +256-788368386 

PLEASE join us, share and promote our work in preventing media induced violence.

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