Hello there!

My name is Ngole Kayungu 

On behalf of RM-RON TEAM

I would like to announce that in the coming months, The Refugee and Migration Media Network  (Refugee Online News RM-RON) is conducting special coverage on how refugees and host communities survived during the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown and restrictions focusing in eight refugee locations and host communities across Uganda. The multimedia reporting project, supported by WAN-IFRA Women in News, will shine the spotlight on:

–How the closure of shelters for victims of gender based violence during the Covid-19 lockdown impacted vulnerable refugees and host community women.

–‘From War to more suffering’ will focus on how urban refugees in Gulu and Kampala survived during Covid-19 lockdown.

–The impact of Covid-19 restrictions on child-headed families.

Our refugee and host-community reporters will be at the frontlines of this vitally important coverage. 

Please support us by following and sharing our work.

Stay safe,


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