Fri. Sep 24th, 2021

Uganda’s Media SMEs take key tips in raising funds, Content Development

By Sabir Musa Many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) including media remain unregistered, a key prerequisite for running business in the country, an issue they relate to limited resources and unclear guidelines on registration.  The Uganda Small Scale Industries Association (USSIA), a nonprofit making body that brings together Micro, Small and Medium Industries (MSMI’s) together…

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By Musa Sabir and Gloria Laker Aciro. As the World celebrates Peace Month this September, Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) roots for concerted actions by different stakeholders to build sustainable peace in the world. This is contained in the theme for the 7th annual commemoration of the World Alliance of Religious (WARP) summit…

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Thrive together as brothers and sisters or perish together as fools.

Linkedin |francisojok  Exploring solutions to mankind and societal problems through nonviolence means.  Abstract.  In this article, I examined: 1) the principles of Kingian Nonviolence. My analysis on the subject was based mostly on literature that centered around the lives of Dr. King and Gandhi; 2) I looked at how we can apply the practice and…

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Peace or Conflict: 

1  Peace or Conflict:  The future of Uganda is hanging in the balance  Introduction  Uganda, located in the heart of East Africa is a country blessed with natural beauty. Laying directly on the Equator it is lush, with thick tropical rainforest forests that provide a habitat for Mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. Uganda’s forest is the…

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Contemporary Issues in Uganda’s Development

Promoting Development through Improved Infrastructure (Road)  Presented By: Francis Ojok, LLB, Dip. LP, MA, (LLM Candidate). Francis is a Ugandan-trained lawyer, experienced researcher, and peacebuilder. He earned a  master’s degree in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence from The Heller School for Social  Policy and Management at Brandeis University and is currently pursuing an LLM in  International…

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Conflict, Displaced Camps & Cultural Values and Pride:

Conflict, Displaced Camps & Cultural Values and Pride:  How conflict and Forced Internal Displacement Dismantled Human Dignity of the Acholi Ethnic group of Northern Uganda  Case Study, Northern Uganda.  Obstruct.  In this article, I looked at: 1) Cultural way of life for the Acholi ethnic group; 2) the history of wars as it is known…

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