Fleeing from War and only to die in domestic violence

‘Refugee man dies in a Domestic Conflict’

By Alex Pithua


Gloria Laker Aciro-ADIIKI




Cases of domestic violence continue to rise across Uganda.

Poverty, land wrangles and adultery are some of the major reasons Ugandan police sights for the increase.

The situation worsened during Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions.

The silent domestic violence against Men;

Sadly, there are also several cases of men being killed or battered by their wives and unfortunately less attention is given to the men suffering from domestic violence and what is shocking is that the activist in Uganda tend to only focus on the women and not men, and most of the GBV shelters were open for women, yet women continue to torture their husbands.

With the increasing cases of land conflicts, women have been conniving with their children to take away land from the husband/father and in some situations it ends with death and later when the man dies of depression, the widow and her greedy sons sells away the land.

Less media exposure of GBV against men;

Cases of women battering husbands in Uganda rose in recent years and it has received less media coverage as compared to women beating men. 

Refugee woman kills hubby in Palabek;

Take for instance 30 year old John Omodi, a South Sudanese refugee who was living in Palabek resettlement in Lamwo district who died after he was involved in a domestic fight with his wife.

It is alleged that Omondi had a misunderstanding with his 23-year-old wife, Elizabeth Zaire on 06th October, 2021

The verbal tension then escalated to physical fight between the duo and it is alleged that Zaire picked up a blunt object and hit her husband on head and later he succumbed due to injuries he sustained.

Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson, David Ongom Mudong confirmed the incident to Refugee Online News

“Preliminary information revealed that, while at the camp, the couple had a domestic misunderstanding that resulted in a fight prompting Elizabeth Zaire to hit her husband, now deceased, on the head using a blunt object that claimed his dear life” Mudong says.

Lamwo Police detectives investigated the incident and case registered under vide CRB 288/2021.

He added that police detectives visited the scene of the crime, documented it, recorded statements from the potential witness and evacuated the deceased body to Padiba health Centre where an autopsy was done.

Another Man killed by a woman in Amuru;

Relatedly, in a fresh case of women killing men, police in Amuru district on 16th March 2022, arrested Eveline Picha 30, over allegation of murdering her husband Julius Opira Itolo 43, who was the Speaker of Pabbo Sub County in Amuru district.

The department of child and family protection unit in Ugandan Police Force has revealed that men are increasingly reporting cases of domestic violence which the law enforcement body says is a positive development towards reducing family related crime in the country.

SSP Maureen Atuhaire the Ag CP Child and Family Protection department revealed to journalists on August 03rd 2021 at police headquarters Kampala during a workshop conducted by officers from the directorate.

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