Man donates land for tree planting in refugee community to mitigate climate change in settlement areas

As Alex Pithua

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Gloria Laker Aciro-ADIIKI




“This is a new and under reported approach to woe communities into tree planting.

Development partners in the West Nile region have embarked on engaging the community themselves in donating land for tree planting.

For example the donation of 10 acres of land by an individual is huge intervention for the Obugubu village, Liwa Parish in Obongi district and also a relief to development partners in mitigating climate.

The community here say the area has been the major source of fire wood for both nationals and refugees from as far as Palorinya settlement.

They sights growing population and high demand for firewood leading to tree depletion, hence the need to replant in order to mitigate. 

Francis Idda, the Chairperson of Obogobu tree lock, a group spearheading tree planting project says they hope to restore tree cover and also reap some amount of money in the future when the trees are ready for cutting timber. 

Currently as group members, in order to manage the 10-acre piece of land where they have planted the trees, they are going to plant crops which will be a way of weeding and the general management of the woodlot, says Idda

Hillary Adrani, the owner of the land in which the woodlot has been planted says for far too long, refugees and host communities have flooded the area cutting trees for fire wood which has greatly affected the rainfall in the area. 

The initiative of reforestation is being supported by Save the Children, Korean International Cooperation Agency-KOICA, UNDP, and the UNHCR

The Cash for growth project;

Raymond Mukisa, a project manager at UNDP says that this is part of their Cash for growth project which seeks to support refugee and host community groups to raise funds as they support and protect their environments. 

The group with a total of 47 members also received training on conflict management and savings. 

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