About Us

About us

Award winning team of African journalists enthusiastic about refugees and migration on the entire continent of Africa and the entire world at large

Stay with us for a changing world for peace


Ms Ngole Kayungu

Ms Ngole Kayungu is the Secretary. She is also a Sound Engineer and Gospel singer. She lives in Kampala Uganda

Moises Mbulula

Mosese Mbulula Kakule is a senior broadcast journalist. He is the Vice Chair RM-RON and incharge of (Frenh and Kiswahili Desk)

Willy Chowoo

RM-RON Manager ICT Professional and Senior Environmental Journalist Mobile: +256772639937 whatsapp: +256777797046 skype:cho.woo.willy twitter:@choowilly

Ruth Atim

Ruth Atim is a multimedia journalist, Co-founder and the sub News Editor.



More awareness = a greater potential for action! We cannot be silent about these issues. We cannot ignore the plight of these asylum seekers in different regions.


We work closely with you, your family and the professionals around you to develop your person centered care and support plan, which ensures your choices, aspirations and needs, are incorporated from the very start.


This shows backgrounds and contexts of conflicts; hears from all sides; explores hidden agendas; highlights peace ideas and initiatives from anywhere at any time.

Several achievements have been made

Celebrating success

Uganda Urban Refugee taking skill training in different fields 2018 women graduates

We are awarded

 Willy Chowoo and a team of East Afirca Wildlife Reporters gathered at Mombasa Kenya 2019

Our impact

Gloria Laker Adiiki mentoring a South Sudanese refugee journalist also a young mother on reporting refugee issues using peace journalism tools

Creating a Peaceful and Developed Society Through the Media

Everyone deserves a right to peace and development.
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