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Read our latest edition of lives of Refugees in Uganda by our refugees and host community reporters.

In this edition, Alex Pithua shades light on an under reported environmental story of a Ugandan peasant who gave his 10 acres of land to development partners. Tree planting in refugee communities is a huge step in mitigating climate change.

And from Arua City, journalist Dramadri Federick shares a story of a Refugee man who regain his vision after 27 years of blindness.

Still in the refugee world, Pithua Alex documents a thatching story of a refugee man who fled from War and only to die in a domestic violence incident.

Teachers turn to Bakers: A Profitable Skill Discovered During the Covid-19 lockdown

By Ruth Atim. Tino Patience took on baking as a source of income to make ends meet during the tough COVID-19 times. Tino, who is not only a baker but also a kindergarten teacher acknowledges that the lock down took a toll on her and she decided to make something…

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Online Streaming Services Thrive in the Pandemic

‘Businesses that flourished during the pandemic’ By Asmahan Mohammed. The dawn of the Covid-19 pandemic in Kenya close to 2 years ago had ripple effects to the lives of Kenyans especially the middle income and working class urban dwellers as thousands of people lost their jobs. Businesses such as private…

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Fleeing from War and only to die in domestic violence

‘Refugee man dies in a Domestic Conflict’ By Alex Pithua EDITED By Gloria Laker Aciro-ADIIKI @GloriaLKaker +256788368386 PALABEK Cases of domestic violence continue to rise across Uganda. Poverty, land wrangles and adultery are some of the major reasons Ugandan police sights for the increase. The situation worsened during Covid-19 lockdowns…

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Man donates land for tree planting in refugee community to mitigate climate change in settlement areas

As Alex Pithua EDITED By Gloria Laker Aciro-ADIIKI @GloriaLKaker +256788368386 ARUA “This is a new and under reported approach to woe communities into tree planting. Development partners in the West Nile region have embarked on engaging the community themselves in donating land for tree planting. For example the donation of…

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